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hello, new username!

Since I didn't want to pay for a rename token, I just decided to finally make a new account. After over two years, I figured it was time anyways since I'd grown out of punkrockgirl04 ages ago. And this is way off topic, but my phone just lit up for no apparent reason. I looked down at it and the battery wasn't running low, I didn't have a new text message or anything like that. Odd. :|

But anyways. I'll still update my old account every once in a while so it's not completely neglected. But as of right now, this will be my main journal where you'll be able to find all of my graphics and such. I'm still iffy on posting any fan fiction since that usually doesn't go well over livejournal, but who knows. A new account, a new experience. Maybe one day I'll get around to it.

Oh jeez, it's ten after midnight. Since it's Friday, I'm exhausted out of my half-assed functioning mind. After I finish this entry, I'm hitting the sack and plan to sleep fifteen hours. Doesn't that idea alone sound lovely? I can feel the warmth of my cozy blankets already. eeee. *-*

Well, I just thought I'd give you guys a heads up on what's going on (and ramble on for a bit to make you suffer through my worthless nonsense). I'll be seeing you all soon with some goodies! :)
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