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marie. seventeen-years-old. citizen of the united states of america. currently dwelling in arizona. likes to dye her hair red. obsessive over arizona sweet tea and anything that can be cooked by microwave. natural-born drummer. bilingual. fluent in french. almost constantly wearing a band t-shirt. sings in front of the bathroom mirror with a hairbrush. dances like no one's watching. billie joe armstrong. bill kaulitz. jensen ackles. johnny depp. black and white. graphics.

green day. tokio hotel. daughtry. my chemical romance. mayday parade. the summer set. cinema bizarre. unwritten law. paramore. linkin park. the kooks. him. radiohead. pink. the kinks. pinhead gunpowder. the network. foxboro hot tubs. u2. bad religion. the offspring. rise against. the living end. aerosmith. the beatles. the dresden dolls. the used. ac/dc. the white stripes. franz ferdinand. the cure. the killers. nena. sex pistols. rolling stones. david bowie. metallica.

80s, action films, adventures, amityville horror, antiques, arizona, arizona sweet tea, art, bad religion, basketball, bill kaulitz, billie joe armstrong, birthday cake ice cream, black and white photos, bones, brown eyes, california, cinderella man, cinema bizarre, comedy films, converse all stars, cosmetology, cuddling, dancing, danny noriega, dark hair, daughtry, devilish, dr pepper, drums, edward scissorhands, falling asleep to tvs, family, fireflies, foxboro hot tubs, french clothing stores, fresh grass, friends, fuse tv, georg listing, german language, germany, grease, grease 2, green day, grey's anatomy, guitar, gustav schafer, hannabeth, harry potter, high definition tv, history, hollywood, horror films, hot topic, iced peppermint mochas, italian language, italy, japan, jensen ackles, jewelry, johnny depp, kaucest, late nights, laughing, linkin park, long walks, lord of the rings, los angeles, lotion, make-up, making memories, mayday parade, meeting new people, mike dirnt, mix tapes, miyavi, monster energy drink, mtv, music, musicals, my chemical romance, mystery novels, nail polish, nena, new york city, old disney, oldies, outer space, over-sized shirts and pants, overcast weather, painting, pajamas, photo booths, photography, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, punk, puzzles, rain, reading outside, red, red wine, remember the titans, rice crispy treats, roller coaster tycoon, rue 21, secondhand serenade, sensitivity, sepia, sleeping until late afternoon, sleepy hollow, smiling, spicy food, starbucks, stargazing, supernatural, swimming, swimming at night, swimming in the summer, swings, t.a.t.u., taking risks, tattoos, the beach, the beatles, the gazette, the kooks, the network, the sandlot, the summer set, tim burton, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz, track and field, traveling, tre cool, vacationing at the lake, vans, vh1, vintage, vinyl, volleyball, warm weather, writing fan fiction